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Zdroj: EUIPO
Číslo přihlášky: 15937527
Znění ochranné známky: Self-Drive
Třídy výrobků a služeb: 7, 8, 9, 11
Datum podání přihlášky: 18.10.2016 EU
Přihlašovatel/vlastník: Arçelik Anonim Sirketi, E5 Ankara Asfalti Uzeri, Tuzla, Istanbul, 34950, Turecko
Země původu: Turecko
Zástupce: GRÜNECKER PATENT- UND RECHTSANWÄLTE PARTG MBB, Leopoldstr. 4, München, 80802, Spolková republika Německo
Stav dokumentu: Podaná - průzkum
Druh: Slovní
Seznam výrobků a služeb: > > >
EN7 Machines, looms and industrial robots for working and shaping wood, metal, glass and plastic material and metals (including galvanizing machines and electroplating machines); Heavy machinery, robotic mechanisms for working and shaping wood, metal, glass and plastic material and metals; Lifting, conveying and transportation machines, robotic mechanisms with the same function (including lifts, escalators, cranes); Machines and robotic mechanisms used in the agriculture and viticulture and in processing cereals / fruits / vegetables / food; Engines, electrical engines, their parts and equipments other than for land vehicles (including parts, electric door openers-closers used in land vehicles and included in this class); Bearings, ball-bearings or roller bearings; Tire mounting and dismounting machines; Alternators, generators, generators of electricity, generators working with solar energy; Painting machines, automatic spray guns for paint, electric punching machines and punches for punching machines, electric glue guns, guns for compressed air or liquid spraying machines, electric hand drills, motor hand saw, jigsaw machines, spiral machines, compressed air pumps, compressors, vehicle washing installations, and robots with the same function as the above-mentioned machines and tools; Welding machines, electric arc welding apparatus, electric welding apparatus, electric arc cutting apparatus, electrodes for welding machines and robots with the same function as the above-mentioned; Printing machines; Packaging machines, filling-plugging and finishing machines, labeling machines, separators and robots and robotic mechanisms with the same function as the above-mentioned machines (including electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging]); Textile milling, scotching, tentering or washing machines, sewing machines and industrial robots with the same function as the above-mentioned machines; Pumps other than parts of machines or engines (including fuel dispensing pumps and guns for these); Electrical appliances used in kitchen for chopping, grinding, crushing, whisking and milling; washing machines (laundry / dishwashing machines); electrical machines for cleaning floors and carpets, vacuum cleaners and their parts; Vending machines; Power supply apparatus [generators]; Laundry dryers, namely machines not drying with heating method; Waste management installations.
8 Forks, spoons, knives and non-electric cutlery for cutting, chopping, peeling purposes, including those of precious metals; Cutting and jabbing/stabbing arms; Tools and appliances included in this class used for personal care in shaving, depilation, manicure, pedicure and beauty-care (including hair straighteners and hair curling implements, scissors); Hand-operated tools for repair of machines, appliances and vehicles, hand-operated tools for building, agriculture, gardening and forestry; Electric and non-electric irons.
9 Measuring apparatus and instruments, indicators including those for scientific research in laboratories other than for medical use; Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images (including apparatus and peripheral devices for data processing, telecommunication, reproduction, loudspeakers, and earphones); Magnetic and optical data carriers and software recorded in these; television and phone applications, downloadable electronic publications, recorded to magnetic and optical media; magnetic/optical cards; Antennas, satellite dishes, amplifiers and their parts; Ticket dispensers, automated teller machines; Electronic components used in machines and apparatus; Counters measuring amount of consumption in unit time and time clocks; Protective suits and life saving apparatus and equipment (including ear plugs for divers); Glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and their boxes, covers, parts and accessories; Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity (including cables used for electric and electronic purposes, batteries, accumulators, anodes and cathodes); Apparatus for warning and alarms [other than for vehicles], electric bells; Signaling devices and apparatus used in traffic; Fire extinguishing apparatus including fire engines (including fire hoses and fire hose nozzles); Radar apparatus, sonars, apparatus and devices providing night vision; Magnets, decorative magnets.
11 Lighting apparatus and installations (lighting installations for vehicles, interior and exterior spaces); Devices for cooking, heating and vapor producing installations and apparatus (including electric ovens, microwave ovens, gas ovens, electric heating apparatus or heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels, electric tea and coffee makers and machines); Air conditioning devices; Cooling apparatus, namely refrigerators, milk coolers, water coolers, ice-boxes, ice machines and devices, freezers; Electric and gas operated apparatus, machines and devices used in cooling, drying and boiling (including electric and heating-operated laundry dryers, hair dryers and hand drying apparatus); Sanitary installations, sanitary ware; Water softening apparatus, water purifying apparatus, water purification installations; Bedwarmers and electric blankets not for medical purposes, heating cushions and pads not for medical purposes, electric or non-electric footwarmers, hot water bottles; Filters and filter-motor combinations for aquariums; Industrial type cooking, drying and cooling installations; Pasteurizers and sterilizers; Laundry dryers.

Self-Drive, Info about trademak list

This trademark Self-Drive list was get 25.10.2016 14:18 from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

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