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Trademark textOPEN RUSSIA
Product Classes9, 16, 25, 35, 36, 38, 41, 42, 45
Filing date21.10.2014
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Applicant/Holder**** Private data ****
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StatusPodaná - průzkum
Nice Classification
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers, recording discs; Compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; Mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; Cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; Computer software; Fire-extinguishing apparatus; Abacuses; Accounting machines; Accumulators, electric; Acid hydrometers; Acidimeters for batteries; Acoustic conduits; Acoustic couplers; Actinometers; Adding machines; Aerials; Aerometers; Agendas (Electronic -); Air analysis apparatus; Alarm bells, electric; Alarms; Alcoholmeters; Alidades; Altimeters; Ammeters; Amplifiers; Amplifying tubes; Anemometers; Animated cartoons; Anode batteries; Anodes; Answering machines; Anti-glare glasses; Anti-glare visors; Anti-interference devices [electricity]; Anti-theft warning apparatus; Anticathodes; Apertometers [optics]; Armatures [electricity]; Asbestos clothing for protection against fire; Asbestos gloves for protection against accidents; Asbestos screens for firemen; Astronomy (Apparatus and instruments for -); Audiovisual teaching apparatus; Automated teller machines [ATM]; Azimuth instruments; Balances [steelyards]; Balancing apparatus; Bar code readers; Barometers; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Batteries for lighting; Battery boxes; Battery chargers; Battery jars; Beacons, luminous; Bells [warning devices]; Betatrons; Binoculars; Blinkers [signalling lights]; Blueprint apparatus; Boiler control instruments; Branch boxes [electricity]; Breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; Buzzers; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Cables, electric; Calculating disks; Calculating machines; Calibrating rings; Calipers; Camcorders; Cameras [photography]; Capacitors; Capillary tubes; Carpenters' rules; Carriers for dark plates [photography]; Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; Cases fitted with dissecting instruments [microscopy]; Cash registers; Cassette players; Cathodes; Cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus; Cell phone straps; Centering apparatus for photographic transparencies; Central processing units [processors]; Chargers for electric batteries; Chemistry apparatus and instruments; Chips [integrated circuits]; Choking coils [impedance]; Chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; Chronographs [time recording apparatus]; Cinematographic cameras; Cinematographic film, exposed; Circuit breakers; Circuit closers; Cleaning apparatus for phonograph records; Clinometers; Clothing especially made for laboratories; Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Clothing for protection against fire; Coaxial cables; Coils, electric; Coin-operated apparatus (Mechanisms for -); Coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; Collectors, electric; Commutation (Electric apparatus for -); Commutators; Compact disc players; Compact discs [audio-video]; Compact discs [read-only memory]; Comparators; Compasses (Directional -); Compasses [measuring instruments]; Computer game programs; Computer keyboards; Computer memory devices; Computer operating programs, recorded; Computer peripheral devices; Computer programmes [programs], recorded; Computer programs [downloadable software]; Computer software, recorded; Computers; Conductors, electric; Connections for electric lines; Connectors [electricity]; Contact lenses; Contacts, electric; Containers for contact lenses; Containers for microscope slides; Control panels [electricity]; Converters, electric; Copper wire, insulated; Correcting lenses [optics]; Cosmographic instruments; Counter-operated apparatus (Mechanisms for -); Couplers [data processing equipment]; Couplings, electric; Covers for electric outlets; Crash test dummies; Cupels [laboratory]; Current rectifiers; Cyclotrons; Darkroom lamps [photography]; Darkrooms [photography]; Data processing apparatus; Decompression chambers; Demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; Densimeters; Densitometers; Detectors; Diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; Diaphragms [acoustics]; Diaphragms for scientific apparatus; Diaphragms [photography]; Dictating machines; Diffraction apparatus [microscopy]; Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting; Disk drives for computers; Disks, magnetic; Distance measuring apparatus; Distance recording apparatus; Distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; Distribution boards [electricity]; Distribution boxes [electricity]; Distribution consoles [electricity]; Divers' masks; Diving suits; DNA chips; Dog whistles; Dosimeters; Downloadable image files; Downloadable music files; Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; Drainers for use in photography; Dressmakers' measures; Drying apparatus for photographic prints; Drying racks [photography]; Ducts [electricity]; DVD players; Dynamometers; Ear plugs for divers; Editing appliances for cinematographic films; Egg-candlers; Electric door bells; Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; Electric loss indicators; Electricity conduits; Electricity mains (Materials for -) [wires, cables]; Electrified fences; Electrified rails for mounting spot lights; Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; Electrolysers; Electromagnetic coils; Electronic notice boards; Electronic pens [visual display units]; Electronic pocket translators; Electronic publications, downloadable; Electronic tags for goods; Encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; Encoded magnetic cards; Enlarging apparatus [photography]; Epidiascopes; Ergometers; Exposure meters [light meters]; Extinguishers; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass chains; Eyeglass cords; Eyeglass frames; Eyepieces; Eyepieces (Instruments containing -); Facsimile machines; False coin detectors; Fermentation (Apparatus for -) [laboratory apparatus]; Fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic cables; Film cutting apparatus; Films, exposed; Filters for respiratory masks; Filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography; Filters [photography]; Fire alarms; Fire beaters; Fire blankets; Fire boats; Fire engines; Fire escapes; Fire hose; Fire hose nozzles; Flash-bulbs [photography]; Flashlights [photography]; Floppy disks; Fluorescent screens; Fog signals, non-explosive; Food analysis apparatus; Frames for photographic transparencies; Franking (Apparatus to check -); Frequency meters; Furniture especially made for laboratories; Fuse wire; Fuses; Galena crystals [detectors]; Galvanic batteries; Galvanic cells; Galvanometers; Garments for protection against fire; Gas testing instruments; Gasometers [measuring instruments]; Gauges; Glass covered with an electrical conductor; Glazing apparatus for photographic prints; Global Positioning System [GPS] apparatus; Gloves for divers; Gloves for protection against accidents; Gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes; Goggles for sports; Grids for batteries; Hands free kits for phones; Head cleaning tapes [recording]; Headphones; Heat regulating apparatus; Heliographic apparatus; Hemline markers; High-frequency apparatus; Holders for electric coils; Holograms; Horns for loudspeakers; Hourglasses; Hydrometers; Hygrometers; Identification sheaths for electric wires; Identification threads for electric wires; Identity cards, magnetic; Igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance; Incubators for bacteria culture; Inductors [electricity]; Integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; Integrated circuits; Intercommunication apparatus; Interfaces for computers; Inverters [electricity]; Invoicing machines; Ionization apparatus not for the treatment of air or water; Jigs [measuring instruments]; Juke boxes for computers; Juke boxes, musical; Junction boxes [electricity]; Junction sleeves for electric cables; Knee-pads for workers; Laboratory centrifuges; Laboratory trays; Lactodensimeters; Lactometers; Laptop computers; Lasers, not for medical purposes; Leather (Appliances for measuring the thickness of -); Lens hoods; Lenses for astrophotography; Letter scales; Levelling instruments; Levels [instruments for determining the horizontal]; Life belts; Life buoys; Life jackets; Life nets; Life saving apparatus and equipment; Life-saving rafts; Light conducting filaments [optical fibers fibres]; Light dimmers [regulators], electric; Light-emitting diodes [LED]; Light-emitting electronic pointers; Lighting ballasts; Lightning arresters; Limiters [electricity]; Locks, electric; Logs [measuring instruments]; Loudspeakers; Magic lanterns; Magnetic data media; Magnetic encoders; Magnetic tape units for computers; Magnetic tapes; Magnetic wires; Magnets; Magnets (Decorative -); Magnifying glasses [optics]; Manometers; Marine compasses; Marine depth finders; Marking buoys; Marking gauges [joinery]; Masts for wireless aerials; Material testing instruments and machines; Mathematical instruments; Measures; Measuring apparatus; Measuring devices, electric; Measuring glassware; Measuring instruments; Measuring spoons; Mechanical signs; Megaphones; Mercury levels; Metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; Meteorological balloons; Meteorological instruments; Meters; Metronomes; Micrometer screws for optical instruments; Micrometers; Microphones; Microprocessors; Microscopes; Microtomes; Milage recorders for vehicles; Mirrors for inspecting work; Mirrors [optics]; Modems; Money counting and sorting machines; Monitoring apparatus, electric; Monitors [computer hardware]; Monitors [computer programs]; Motor fire engines; Mouse [data processing equipment]; Mouse pads; Nautical apparatus and instruments; Naval signalling apparatus; Navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; Navigational instruments; Neon signs; Nets for protection against accidents; Nose clips for divers and swimmers; Notebook computers; Objectives [lenses] optics; Observation instruments; Octants; Ohmmeters; Optical apparatus and instruments; Optical character readers; Optical condensers; Optical data media; Optical discs; Optical glass; Optical goods; Optical lamps; Optical lenses; Oscillographs; Ovens for laboratory use; Oxygen transvasing apparatus; Ozonisers [ozonators]; Parking meters; Particle accelerators; Pedometers; Peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors; Periscopes; Personal stereos; Petrol gauges; Phonograph records; Photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic]; Photometers; Phototelegraphy apparatus; Photovoltaic cells; Physics (Apparatus and instruments for -); Pince-nez; Pipettes; Plane tables [surveying instruments]; Planimeters; Plates for batteries; Plotters; Plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]; Plumb bobs; Plumb lines; Pocket calculators; Polarimeters; Portable media players; Portable telephones; Precision balances; Precision measuring apparatus; Pressure indicator plugs for valves; Pressure indicators; Pressure measuring apparatus; Printed circuit boards; Printed circuits; Printers for use with computers; Prisms [optics]; Probes for scientific purposes; Projection apparatus; Projection screens; Protection devices against X-rays, not for medical purposes; Protection devices for personal use against accidents; Protective helmets; Protective helmets for sports; Protective masks; Protective suits for aviators; Protractors [measuring instruments]; Punched card machines for offices; Push buttons for bells; Pyrometers; Quantity indicators; Radar apparatus; Radio pagers; Radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; Radiology screens for industrial purposes; Radios; Radiotelegraphy sets; Radiotelephony sets; Railway traffic safety appliances; Readers [data processing equipment]; Receivers (Audio-- and video- -); Record player needles (Apparatus for changing -); Record players; Reducers [electricity]; Reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents; Refractometers; Refractors; Regulating apparatus, electric; Relays, electric; Remote control apparatus; Resistances, electric; Respirators for filtering air; Respirators, other than for artificial respiration; Resuscitation mannequins [teaching apparatus]; Retorts; Retorts' stands; Revolution counters; Rheostats; Riding helmets; Road signs, luminous or mechanical; Rods for water diviners; Rods [surveying instruments]; Rulers [measuring instruments]; Rules [measuring instruments]; Saccharometers; Safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; Safety tarpaulins; Salinometers; Satellite navigational apparatus; Satellites for scientific purposes; Scales; Scanners [data processing equipment]; Screens for photoengraving; Screens [photography]; Screw-tapping gauges; Semi-conductors; Sextants; Sheaths for electric cables; Shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; Shutter releases [photography]; Shutters [photography]; Sighting telescopes for firearms; Signal bells; Signal lanterns; Signalling buoys; Signalling panels, luminous or mechanical; Signalling whistles; Signals, luminous or mechanical; Signs, luminous; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; Sirens; Skins (Apparatus for measuring the thickness of -); Slide calipers; Slide projectors; Slide-rules; Slides [photography]; Smoke detectors; Socks, electrically heated; Solar batteries; Solderers' helmets; Solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]; Sonars; Sound alarms; Sound locating instruments; Sound recording apparatus; Sound recording carriers; Sound recording strips; Sound reproduction apparatus; Sound transmitting apparatus; Sounding apparatus and machines; Sounding leads; Sounding lines; Spark-guards; Speaking tubes; Spectacle cases; Spectacle frames; Spectacle glasses; Spectacles [optics]; Spectrograph apparatus; Spectroscopes; Speed checking apparatus for vehicles; Speed indicators; Speed measuring apparatus [photography]; Speed regulators for record players; Spherometers; Spirit levels; Spools [photography]; Sprinkler systems for fire protection; Stage lighting regulators; Stands for photographic apparatus; Starter cables for motors; Steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; Step-up transformers; Stereoscopes; Stereoscopic apparatus; Stills for laboratory experiments; Styli for record players; Sulphitometers; Sunglasses; Surveying apparatus and instruments; Surveying chains; Surveying instruments; Surveyors' levels; Switchboards; Switchboxes [electricity]; Switches, electric; Tachometers; Tape recorders; Taximeters; Teaching apparatus; Teeth protectors; Telegraph wires; Telegraphs [apparatus]; Telemeters; Telephone apparatus; Telephone receivers; Telephone transmitters; Telephone wires; Teleprinters; Teleprompters; Telerupters; Telescopes; Television apparatus; Temperature indicators; Terminals [electricity]; Test tubes; Testing apparatus not for medical purposes; Theft prevention installations, electric; Theodolites; Thermionic tubes; Thermometers, not for medical purposes; Thermostats; Thermostats for vehicles; Ticket dispensers; Time clocks [time recording devices]; Time recording apparatus; Time switches, automatic; Tires (Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle -); Tone arms for record players; Totalizators; Traffic-light apparatus [signalling devices]; Transformers [electricity]; Transistors [electronic]; Transmitters of electronic signals; Transmitters [telecommunication]; Transmitting sets [telecommunication]; Transponders; Triodes; Tripods for cameras; Urinometers; USB flash drives; Vacuum gauges; Vacuum tubes [radio]; Variometers; Vehicle breakdown warning triangles; Vehicle radios; Verniers; Vests (Am.) Bullet-proof -; Video cassettes; Video game cartridges; Video recorders; Video screens; Video telephones; Videotapes; Viewfinders, photographic; Viscosimeters; Voltage regulators for vehicles; Voltage surge protectors; Voltmeters; Voting machines; Wafers [silicon slices]; Waling glasses; Walkie-talkies; Washing trays [photography]; Water level indicators; Wavemeters; Weighbridges; Weighing apparatus and instruments; Weighing machines; Weights; Whistle alarms; Wind socks for indicating wind direction; Wire connectors [electricity]; Wires, electric; Word processors; Workmen's protective face-shields; Wrist rests for use with computers; X-ray apparatus not for medical purposes; X-ray films, exposed; X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; X-ray tubes not for medical purposes; X-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes; Computer games; computer game programs; video games; videos; MP3s; MP4s; CDs; audio and/or visual tapes; cassettes; discs; records; digital music (downloadable from the Internet); podcasts; film, sound and video recordings; sound and video recordings and publications in electronic form supplied on-line, from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet; downloadable electronic publications; telephone ring tones (downloadable); databases; sunglasses; eyeglasses; holographic images; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.

Printed matter; Bookbinding material; Photographs; Stationery; Adhesives for stationery or household purposes; Artists' materials; Paint brushes; Typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); Instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); Plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); Printers' type; Printing blocks; Absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Address plates for addressing machines; Address stamps; Addressing machines; Adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; Adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]; Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes; Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; Albums; Almanacs; Announcement cards [stationery]; Aquarelles; Architects' models; Atlases; Bags (Conical paper -); Bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging; Bags for microwave cooking; Balls for ball-point pens; Bibs of paper; Binding strips [bookbinding]; Biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]; Blackboards; Blotters; Bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]; Bookbinding cloth; Bookbinding cords; Bookbindings; Bookends; Booklets; Bookmarkers; Books; Bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper; Bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper; Boxes of cardboard or paper; Bubble packs (Plastic -) for wrapping or packaging; Cabinets for stationery [office requisites]; Calculating tables; Calendars; Canvas for painting; Carbon paper; Cardboard; Cardboard tubes; Cards; Cases for stamps [seals]; Catalogues; Chalk for lithography; Chalk holders; Chaplets; Charcoal pencils; Chart pointers, non-electronic; Chromos; Cigar bands; Clipboards; Clips for offices; Coasters of paper; Coffee filters (Paper -); Comic books; Compasses for drawing; Composing frames [printing]; Composing sticks; Copying paper [stationery]; Correcting fluids [office requisites]; Correcting ink [heliography]; Correcting tapes [office requisites]; Covers [stationery]; Cream containers of paper; Credit card imprinters, non-electric; Decalcomanias; Diagrams; Document files [stationery]; Document holders [stationery]; Document laminators for office use; Drawer liners of paper, perfumed or not; Drawing boards; Drawing instruments; Drawing materials; Drawing pads; Drawing pens; Drawing sets; Drawing squares; Drawing T-squares; Duplicators; Elastic bands for offices; Electrocardiograph paper; Electrotypes; Embroidery designs [patterns]; Engraving plates; Engravings; Envelope sealing machines, for offices; Envelopes [stationery]; Erasing products; Erasing shields; Etching needles; Etchings; Fabrics for bookbinding; Face towels of paper; Figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché; Files [office requisites]; Filter paper; Filtering materials [paper]; Finger-stalls [office requisites]; Flags of paper; Flower-pot covers of paper; Flyers; Folders for papers; Folders [stationery]; Forms, printed; Fountain pens; French curves; Galley racks [printing]; Garbage bags of paper or of plastics; Geographical maps; Glue for stationery or household purposes; Gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes; Graining combs; Graphic prints; Graphic representations; Graphic reproductions; Greeting cards; Gummed cloth for stationery purposes; Gummed tape [stationery]; Gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes; Hand labelling appliances; Hand-rests for painters; Handbooks [manuals]; Handkerchiefs of paper; Handwriting specimens for copying; Hat boxes of cardboard; Hectographs; Histological sections for teaching purposes; Holders for checkbooks [cheque books]; Holders for stamps [seals]; House painters' rollers; Humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; Index cards [stationery]; Indexes; Indian inks; Ink; Ink sticks; Ink stones [ink reservoirs]; Inking pads; Inking ribbons; Inking ribbons for computer printers; Inking sheets for document reproducing machines; Inking sheets for duplicators; Inkstands; Inkwells; Isinglass for stationery or household purposes; Labels, not of textile; Ledgers [books]; Letter trays; Letters [type]; Lithographic stones; Lithographic works of art; Lithographs; Loose-leaf binders; Luminous paper; Magazines [periodicals]; Manifolds [stationery]; Marking chalk; Marking pens [stationery]; Mats for beer glasses; Mimeograph apparatus and machines; Modelling clay; Modelling materials; Modelling paste; Modelling wax, not for dental purposes; Moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites]; Moisteners [office requisites]; Molds for modelling clays [artists' materials]; Money clips; Mounting photographs (Apparatus for -); Musical greeting cards; Napkins of paper for removing make-up; Newsletters; Newspapers; Nibs; Nibs of gold; Note books; Numbering apparatus; Numbers [type]; Office perforators; Office requisites, except furniture; Oleographs; Packaging material made of starches; Packing paper; Pads [stationery]; Paint boxes [articles for use in school]; Paint trays; Paintbrushes; Painters' brushes; Painters' easels; Paintings [pictures], framed or unframed; Palettes for painters; Pamphlets; Pantographs [drawing instruments]; Paper; Paper bows; Paper clasps; Paper-clips; Paper for recording machines; Paper knives [cutters] office requisites; Paper ribbons; Paper sheets [stationery]; Paper shredders for office use; Paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; Paperweights; Papier mâché; Parchment paper; Passport holders; Pastels [crayons]; Patterns for dressmaking; Patterns for making clothes; Pen cases; Pen clips; Pen wipers; Pencil holders; Pencil lead holders; Pencil leads; Pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; Pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; Pencils; Penholders; Pens [office requisites]; Perforated cards for Jacquard looms; Periodicals; Photo-engravings; Photograph stands; Photographs [printed]; Pictures; Placards of paper or cardboard; Place mats of paper; Plans; Plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; Plastic film for wrapping; Plastics for modelling; Portraits; Postage meters for office use; Postage stamps; Postcards; Posters; Printed matter; Printed publications; Printed timetables; Printers' blankets, not of textile; Printers' reglets; Printing sets, portable [office requisites]; Printing type; Prints [engravings]; Prospectuses; Punches [office requisites]; Radiograms (Paper for -); Rollers for typewriters; Rubber erasers; Rulers (Drawing -); School supplies [stationery]; Scrapers [erasers] for offices; Sealing compounds for stationery purposes; Sealing machines for offices; Sealing stamps; Sealing wafers; Sealing wax; Seals [stamps]; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; Shields [paper seals]; Signboards of paper or cardboard; Silver paper; Slate pencils; Song books; Spools for inking ribbons; Square rulers; Stamp pads; Stamp stands; Stamps [seals]; Stands for pens and pencils; Stapling presses [office requisites]; Starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes; Steatite [tailor's chalk]; Steel letters; Steel pens; Stencil cases; Stencil plates; Stencils; Stencils [stationery]; Stickers [stationery]; Table linen of paper; Table napkins of paper; Tablecloths of paper; Tablemats of paper; Tags for index cards; Tailors' chalk; Teaching materials [except apparatus]; Terrestrial globes; Thumbtacks; Tickets; Toilet paper; Towels of paper; Tracing cloth; Tracing needles for drawing purposes; Tracing paper; Tracing patterns; Trading cards other than for games; Transparencies [stationery]; Trays for sorting and counting money; Typewriter keys; Typewriter ribbons; Typewriters, electric or non-electric; Vignetting apparatus; Viscose sheets for wrapping; Watercolor saucers (Artists' -); Waxed paper; Wood pulp board [stationery]; Wood pulp paper; Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; Writing board erasers; Writing brushes; Writing cases [sets]; Writing cases [stationery]; Writing chalk; Writing instruments; Writing materials; Writing or drawing books; Writing pads; Writing paper; Writing slates; Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy; books, song books, magazines, leaflets, brochures, journals and event programmes; flyers; greeting cards; post cards; pens; document holders (stationery), photograph holders, albums of all kinds; stickers; souvenir programmes.

Clothing, footwear, headgear; Aprons [clothing]; Ascots; Babies' pants [clothing]; Bandanas [neckerchiefs]; Bath robes; Bath sandals; Bath slippers; Bathing caps; Bathing trunks; Beach clothes; Beach shoes; Belts [clothing]; Berets; Bibs, not of paper; Boas [necklets]; Bodices [lingerie]; Boot uppers; Boots; Boots for sports; Brassieres; Breeches for wear; Camisoles; Cap peaks; Caps [headwear]; Chasubles; Clothing; Clothing for gymnastics; Clothing of imitations of leather; Clothing of leather; Coats; Collar protectors; Combinations [clothing]; Corselets; Corsets [underclothing]; Cuffs; Cyclists' clothing; Detachable collars; Dress shields; Dresses; Dressing gowns; Ear muffs [clothing]; Esparto shoes or sandals; Fishing vests; Fittings of metal for footwear; Football boots; Footmuffs, not electrically heated; Footwear; Footwear uppers; Fur stoles; Furs [clothing]; Gabardines [clothing]; Gaiter straps; Galoshes; Garters; Girdles; Gloves [clothing]; Gymnastic shoes; Half-boots; Hat frames [skeletons]; Hats; Headbands [clothing]; Headgear for wear; Heelpieces for footwear; Heelpieces for stockings; Heels; Hoods [clothing]; Hosiery; Inner soles; Jackets [clothing]; Jerseys [clothing]; Jumper dresses; Knitwear [clothing]; Lace boots; Layettes [clothing]; Leg warmers; Leggings [trousers]; Liveries; Maniples; Mantillas; Masquerade costumes; Miters [hats]; Mittens; Money belts [clothing]; Motorists' clothing; Muffs [clothing]; Neckties; Non-slipping devices for footwear; Outerclothing; Pants; Paper clothing; Paper hats [clothing]; Parkas; Pelerines; Pelisses; Petticoats; Pocket squares; Pockets for clothing; Ponchos; Pullovers; Pyjamas; Ready-made clothing; Ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; Sandals; Saris; Sarongs; Sashes for wear; Scarfs; Shawls; Shirt fronts; Shirt yokes; Shirts; Shoes; Short-sleeve shirts; Shoulder wraps; Shower caps; Singlets; Ski boots; Ski gloves; Skirts; Skorts; Skull caps; Sleep masks; Slippers; Slips [undergarments]; Smocks; Sock suspenders; Socks; Soles for footwear; Spats; Sports shoes; Stocking suspenders; Stockings; Stockings (Sweat-absorbent -); Studs for football boots; Stuff jackets [clothing]; Suits; Suspenders; Sweaters; Swimsuits; Teddies [undergarments]; Tee-shirts; Tights; Tips for footwear; Togas; Top hats; Topcoats; Trousers; Turbans; Underpants; Underwear; Underwear (Anti-sweat -); Uniforms; Veils [clothing]; Vests; Waterproof clothing; Welts for footwear; Wet suits for water-skiing; Wimples; Wooden shoes.

Advertising; Business management; Business administration; Office functions; Accounting; Accounts (Drawing up of statements of -); Administrative processing of purchase orders; Advertising by mail order; Arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; Arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; Auctioneering; Auditing; Bill-posting; Business appraisals; Business consultancy (Professional -); Business information; Business inquiries; Business investigations; Business management and organization consultancy; Business management assistance; Business management consultancy; Business management of hotels; Business management of performing artists; Business management of sports people; Business organization consultancy; Business research; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Commercial information agencies; Commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]; Commercial or industrial management assistance; Compilation of information into computer databases; Compilation of statistics; Cost price analysis; Data search in computer files for others; Demonstration of goods; Direct mail advertising; Dissemination of advertising matter; Distribution of samples; Document reproduction; Economic forecasting; Efficiency experts; Employment agencies; Fashion shows for promotional purposes (Organization of -); File management (Computerized -); Import-export agencies; Invoicing; Layout services for advertising purposes; Management (Advisory services for business -); Marketing; Marketing research; Marketing studies; Modelling for advertising or sales promotion; News clipping services; Office machines and equipment rental; On-line advertising on a computer network; Opinion polling; Organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; Outsourcing services [business assistance]; Payroll preparation; Personnel management consultancy; Personnel recruitment; Photocopying services; Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; Price comparison services; Procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; Production of advertising films; Psychological testing for the selection of personnel; Public relations; Publication of publicity texts; Publicity; Publicity agencies; Publicity columns preparation; Publicity material rental; Radio advertising; Relocation services for businesses; Rental of advertising space; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Rental of photocopying machines; Rental of vending machines; Sales promotion for others; Secretarial services; Shop window dressing; Shorthand; Sponsorship search; Systemization of information into computer databases; Tax preparation; Telemarketing services; Telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; Television advertising; Transcription; Typing; Updating of advertising material; Word processing; Writing of publicity texts; organisation, operation and supervision of loyalty schemes and incentive schemes; advertising and marketing; accountancy; auctioneering; organisation of trade fairs; opinion polling; data processing; provision of business information; business management and organization consultancy; acquisition and merger consultation; business expertise services; analyses and appraisals of enterprises; retail services connected with the sale of scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments, apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity, apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images, magnetic data carriers, recording discs, compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media, mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus, cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers, computer software, fire-extinguishing apparatus, recording discs, computer programs, computer games, computer game programs, video games, videos, MP3s, MP4s, CDs, audio and/or visual tapes, cassettes, discs, records, digital music (downloadable from the Internet), podcasts, film, sound and video recordings, sound and video recordings and publications in electronic form supplied on-line, from databases or from facilities provided on the Internet, downloadable electronic publications, digital music (downloadable) from the Internet, telephone ring tones (downloadable), databases, sunglasses, eyeglasses, holographic images, paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials (namely printed publications, books, song books, magazines, leaflets, brochures, journals and event programmes, flyers, greetings cards and post cards), printed matter, bookbinding material, photographs, stationery, adhesives for stationery or household purposes, artists' materials, paint brushes, typewriters and office requisites (except furniture), instructional and teaching material (except apparatus), plastic materials for packaging, printers' type, printing blocks, pens, document cases, card holders, photograph holders, albums of all kinds, stickers, souvenir programmes, clothing, footwear, headgear; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the aforesaid services.

Credit bureaus; customs brokerage; savings banks; apartment brokers; recovery rent payments; release road checks; issuance of credit cards; clearing; liquidation commercial and industrial activity; broking; operations bank across internet; real estate appraisals; transfer of funds in systems of electronic accounting; securities brokerage; real estate brokerage; delivery apartments in rent; management residential fund; banking services; storing in safes; storage values; fiscal assessments; insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs; Accident insurance underwriting; Accommodation bureaux [apartments]; Actuarial services; Analysis (Financial -); Antique appraisal; Apartment house management; Art appraisal; Banking; Brokerage; Brokerage of carbon credits; Business liquidation services, financial; Charitable fund raising; Check [cheque] verification; Clearing, financial; Credit bureaux; Credit card services; Customs brokerage; Debit card services; Debt collection agencies; Deposits of valuables; Evaluation of wool (Financial -); Exchanging money; Factoring; Fiduciary; Financial consultancy; Financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]; Financial information; Financial management; Financial sponsorship; Financing services; Fire insurance underwriting; Fiscal assessments; Fund investments; Funds transfer (Electronic -); Guarantees; Health insurance underwriting; Hire-purchase financing; Home banking; Housing agents; Instalment loans; Insurance brokerage; Insurance consultancy; Insurance information; Insurance underwriting; Issuance of credit cards; Issue of tokens of value; Issuing of travellers' checks [cheques]; Jewelry appraisal; Leasing of farms; Leasing of real estate; Lending against security; Life insurance underwriting; Loans [financing]; Marine insurance underwriting; Mortgage banking; Mutual funds; Numismatic appraisal; Organization of collections; Pawnbrokerage; Provident fund services; Real estate agencies; Real estate appraisal; Real estate management; Rent collection; Rental of offices [real estate]; Renting of flats; Repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal]; Retirement payment services; Safe deposit services; Savings bank services; Securities brokerage; Stamp appraisal; Stock exchange quotations; Valuation of standing timber (Financial -); Charitable services, namely financial services; charitable fund raising; charitable collections; political fund-raising services; management of funds; financial grant services; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the aforesaid services.

News agencies; board messages electronic [telecommunications services]; information on telecommunications; telecommunication connections; providing internet access [service providers]; provision of telecommunication access to Internet; transmission of messages with use computer; urgent announcements broadcasting; electronic mail; rental of message transmission equipment; rental of telephone apparatus; rental of facsimile machines; radiobroadcasting; fibre-optic communication service; telecommunications radio telephone; communication by computer terminals; satellite-assisted communication; telecommunications telegraphic; communication by telephone; paging services by radio , phone or other means of electronic communication; teleconferencing services; internet services; telecommunications; Cable television broadcasting; Cellular telephone communication; Communications by computer terminals; Communications by fibre optic networks; Communications by telegrams; Communications by telephone; Computer aided transmission of messages and images; Electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]; Electronic mail; Facsimile transmission; Information about telecommunication; Message sending; Paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]; Providing access to databases; Providing internet chatrooms; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Providing user access to global computer networks; Radio broadcasting; Rental of access time to global computer networks; Rental of facsimile apparatus; Rental of message sending apparatus; Rental of modems; Rental of telecommunication equipment; Rental of telephones; Satellite transmission; Telecommunications routing and junction services; Teleconferencing services; Telegraph services; Telephone services; Television broadcasting; Telex services; Transmission of digital files; Transmission of greeting cards online; Transmission of telegrams; Voice mail services; Wire service; Wireless broadcasting; Chat room services; portal services; e-mail services; providing user access to the Internet; radio and television broadcasting; distribution of data or audio visual images via a global computer network or the internet; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the aforesaid services.

Education; Providing of training; Entertainment; Sporting and cultural activities; Academies [education]; Amusement parks; Amusements; Animal training; Arranging and conducting of colloquiums; Arranging and conducting of concerts; Arranging and conducting of conferences; Arranging and conducting of congresses; Arranging and conducting of seminars; Arranging and conducting of symposiums; Arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; Arranging of beauty contests; Boarding schools; Booking of seats for shows; Bookmobile services; Calligraphy services; Casino facilities [gambling] (Providing -); Cinema presentations; Circuses; Club services [entertainment or education]; Coaching [training]; Conducting fitness classes; Correspondence courses; Disc jockey services; Discotheque services; Dubbing; Education information; Educational examination; Electronic desktop publishing; Entertainer services; Entertainment information; Fashion shows for entertainment purposes (Organization of -); Film production, other than advertising films; Gambling; Game services provided on-line from a computer network; Games equipment rental; Golf facilities (Providing -); Gymnastic instruction; Health club services [health and fitness training]; Holiday camp services [entertainment]; Language interpreter services; Layout services, other than for advertising purposes; Lending libraries; Live performances (Presentation of -); Microfilming; Modelling for artists; Movie studios; Museum facilities (Providing -) [presentation, exhibitions]; Music composition services; Music-halls; News reporters services; Night clubs; Nursery schools; Operating lotteries; Orchestra services; Organization of balls; Organization of competitions [education or entertainment]; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Organization of shows [impresario services]; Organization of sports competitions; Party planning [entertainment]; Personal trainer services [fitness training]; Photographic reporting; Photography; Physical education; Practical training [demonstration]; Production of music; Production of radio and television programmes; Production of shows; Providing amusement arcade services; Providing karaoke services; Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; Providing sports facilities; Publication of books; Publication of electronic books and journals on-line; Publication of texts, other than publicity texts; Radio entertainment; Recording studio services; Recreation facilities (Providing -); Recreation information; Religious education; Rental of audio equipment; Rental of camcorders; Rental of cine-films; Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; Rental of movie projectors and accessories; Rental of radio and television sets; Rental of show scenery; Rental of skin diving equipment; Rental of sound recordings; Rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; Rental of sports grounds; Rental of stadium facilities; Rental of stage scenery; Rental of tennis courts; Rental of video cassette recorders; Rental of videotapes; Scriptwriting services; Sign language interpretation; Sport camp services; Subtitling; Television entertainment; Theatre productions; Ticket agency services [entertainment]; Timing of sports events; Toy rental; Translation; Tuition; Videotape editing; Videotape film production; Videotaping; Vocational guidance [education or training advice]; Vocational retraining; Writing of texts, other than publicity texts; Zoological garden services; Electronic games services provided by means of the Internet; organisation of competitions for education or entertainment; production of radio and television programmes; providing on-line electronic publications (not downloadable); publication of texts (other than publicity texts); the provision of on-line electronic publications (not downloadable) from the Internet; provision of recreational and entertainment facilities; recording of music onto a variety of media; production of sound recordings; production of musical recordings; production of audio recordings; organising, arranging, managing and staging musical events, shows, concerts, festivals, gigs and live band performances; arranging of award ceremonies; production of television, film, radio and music programmes and recordings; composition of music; video taping; digital music (not downloadable) provided from the Internet; booking agencies; ticket reservation and ticket agency services for concerts and other events; ticket agency services provided online, by telephone, mobile telephone, and through ticket outlets; the provision of on-line electronic publications and digital music (not downloadable) from the Internet in the form of podcasts; management of music venues; information relating to all the foregoing provided by telephone, mobile telephone, on-line from a computer database or via the Internet; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the aforesaid services.

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; conversion of data and information programs not physical; web site hosting; computer software design; creation and maintaining web sites for others; Electronic data storage.

Legal services; Security services for the protection of property and individuals; social work services; social networking services; social introduction and dating services; Adoption agency services; Alternative dispute resolution services; Arbitration services; Baby sitting; Baggage inspection for security purposes; Chaperoning; Clothing rental; Copyright management; Crematorium services; Dating services; Detective agencies; Evening dress rental; Fire-fighting; Funerals; Genealogical research; Guards; Horoscope casting; House sitting; Inspection of factories for safety purposes; Intellectual property consultancy; Intellectual property watching services; Legal research; Licensing of computer software [legal services]; Licensing of intellectual property; Litigation services; Lost property return; Marriage agencies; Mediation; Missing person investigations; Monitoring of burglar and security alarms; Night guards; Opening of security locks; Organization of religious meetings; Personal background investigations; Personal body guarding; Pet sitting; Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies; Registration of domain names [legal services]; Rental of fire alarms; Rental of fire extinguishers; Rental of safes; Security consultancy; Undertaking; Legal information and research services; advisory services relating to the law, alternative dispute resolution and arbitration services; arranging for the provision of legal services; provision of information relating to legal services; court reporting; providing information on issues concerning human rights; charitable services, namely mentoring [personal or spiritual]; mentoring [personal or spiritual]; civil defence and civil protection; compilation of legal and regulatory information; preparation of regulations; political lobbying services; consultancy, advisory and information services relating to the aforesaid services.

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This trademark OPEN RUSSIA list was get from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

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