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Trademark text ROICHEN - ochranná známka
Registration 1148288
Product Classes 21
Vienna Classes 25.3 ; 25.3.1 ; 27.5 ; 27.5.1
Registration date 16.08.2012
Notification date for EM 21.02.2013
Expiration/renewal date 16.08.2022
Applicant/Holder ROICHEN CO., LTD
Applicant/Holder MOON, Jae Gu
Original country KR
Representative HWANG, Byoung-Do
Status Platný dokument
Type Kombinovaná
Nice Classification
Marmites [non électriques]; cocottes [autres qu'à chauffage
électrique]; poêles à frire [non électriques]; marmites de
cuisson [non électriques]; batteries de cuisine [non
électriques]; faitouts [non électriques]; chaudrons [non
électriques]; récipients de ménage ou de cuisine;
récipients isothermes pour aliments; plats de cuisson en
faïence (verre) résistant à la chaleur.

Pots [non-electric]; hot pots [not electrically heated];
frying pans [non-electric]; cooking pots [non-electric];
cooking pot sets [non-electric]; casserole pans
[non-electric]; cauldrons [non-electric]; containers for
household or kitchen use; thermally insulated containers
for food; heatproof earthenware (glass) pots.

Ollas no eléctricas; ollas no eléctricas para cocinar al
vapor; sartenes [no eléctricas]; ollas [no eléctricas];
baterías de cocina [no eléctricas]; cacerolas [no
eléctricas]; calderas [ollas] [no eléctricas]; recipientes
para uso doméstico o culinario; recipientes termoaislantes
para alimentos; ollas de loza (o vidrio) termorresistentes.

Transactions [ENN] stav: 6 - Registration
2013/6 Gaz, 28.02.2013
EM - IL - IR - JP - US
regedat: 16.08.2012
regrdat: 06.02.2013
notdate: 21.02.2013

[ISN] stav: 6 - Ex Officio examination completed but opposition or observations by third parties still possible, under Rule 18bis
2013/9 Gaz, 21.03.2013
regedat: 26.02.2013
regrdat: 27.02.2013
notdate: 28.02.2013

[GP18N] stav: 6 - Statement of grant of protection made under Rule 18ter
2014/1 Gaz, 16.01.2014
regedat: 02.01.2014
regrdat: 03.01.2014
notdate: 07.01.2014

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This trademark ROICHEN list was get from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

There is 1 trademark of text ROICHEN, 1 registerred.

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