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Číslo přihlášky:15939804
Znění ochranné známky:Blinglings
Třídy výrobků a služeb:9, 28, 41
Datum podání přihlášky:18.10.2016 EU
Stav dokumentu:Podaná - vkládání údajů
Seznam výrobků a služeb:
EN9computers; notebook computers; computer software programs; computer programs [downloadable software]; computer software; computer game programs; data processing apparatus; central processing units [processors]; microprocessors; integrated circuits; chips [integrated circuits]; computer memory devices; computer peripheral devices; computer keyboards; monitors [computer hardware]; protractors [measuring instruments]; computer mouse; printers; scanners; bar code readers; wrist rests for use with computers; mouse pads; sound recording apparatus; sound reproduction apparatus; sound transmitting apparatus; sound recordings; music recordings; sound recording strips; cameras; video recorders; video players; audio and video players; audio visual teaching apparatus; video recordings; videotapes; video compact discs; recording discs; video cassettes, video game cartridges; optical data media; optical discs; magnetic data media; magnetic encoded cards; cassette players; compact disc players; compact discs; smart cards [integrated circuit cards]; cases for audio and video cassettes, compact discs, laser discs, video discs; animated cartoons; films, exposed; batteries; battery chargers; calculators; magnets; electronic pens; electric door bells; microphones; head cleaning tapes [recording]; intercommunication apparatus; electronic publications [downloadable]; semi-conductors; radios; televisions; slides [photography]; headphones; earphones; devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; bags and cases adapted for holding mobile phones; straps for mobile phones; holders for mobile phones; accessories for mobile phones; measuring apparatus and instruments; scales; measuring spoons; metronomes; temperature indicators; thermometers (not for medical purposes); hygrometers; barometers; buzzers; electric timers; microscopes; telescopes; spectacles; spectacle frames; sunglasses; eyepieces; eyeglass chains; eyeglass cords; spectacle cases; goggles for sports; protective helmets for sports; life belts; life buoys; life jackets; life-saving rafts.
28Toys; playthings; rattles [playthings]; dolls; dolls' feeding bottles; dolls' beds; dolls' clothes; toy houses; dolls' rooms; kites; balloons; beanbags in the form of playthings; mobiles [toys]; rocking horses; plush toys; toy vehicles; scale model vehicles; radio-controlled toys; toy figures and playsets; flying discs [toys]; soap bubbles [toys]; collectible toys; toy action figures; modelled plastic toy figurines; toy finger rings; spinning toys incorporating string which rewinds and return the toy to the hand when thrown; spin tops; plastic toys; toys incorporating magnets; toy pistols; toy guns; toy cannons; cardboard and plastic caps for toy guns; holders for caps of toy guns and toy cap guns; mechanical action toys; marionettes; puppets; theatrical masks; toy masks; costume masks; toy stamps; bathtub toys; jigsaw puzzles; stuffed toy animals; toy building blocks; dominoes; kaleidoscopes; action skill games; water toys; children's bicycles [other than for transport]; tricycles [playthings]; hand held video games; handheld units for playing electronic games; protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; electronic toys; electric action figures with lights and sounds; toy microphones; games; board games; building games; checkers [games]; draughts; chess games; checkerboards; chessboards; draughtboards; conjuring apparatus; parlor games; ring games; card games; bingo cards; playing cards; equipment for playing card game; trading cards [card games]; game boards for trading card games; roulette wheels; bats for games; marbles for games; slides [playthings]; gymnastic and sporting articles; balls for playing sports; balls for games; toy balls; balance platform balls; beach balls; footballs and handballs; bowling apparatus and machinery; skis; snowboards; sleighs [plaything]; ice skates; roller skates; skateboards; skating boots with skates attached; protective padding for sports and games; sailboards; masts for sailboards; surfboards; swimming pools [play articles]; swimming flippers; swimming boards; waterskis; water wings; swimming jackets; swimming floats; swimming belts; bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; fish hooks; fishing tackle; floats for fishing; tables for table tennis; spring boards [sporting articles]; rackets; darts; dumb-bells; gloves for sports; stationary exercise bicycles; festive decorations and ornaments (non-edible and other than lights); decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees; paper party favours.
41Entertainment; production and presentation of cartoons, animations, shows; organizing entertainment, sporting and cultural activities and exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; fan club services (entertainment); publication of books, magazines and periodicals; provision of information relating to entertainment, amusement, recreation, sports and culture; electronic games services, including provision of computer games on-line or by means of a global computer network; theme park services; amusement centre services; video game arcade services; motion picture studios.

Blinglings, Info about trademak list

This trademark Blinglings list was get 25.10.2016 14:15 from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

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