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Zdroj: EUIPO
Číslo přihlášky: 15939961
Znění ochranné známky: Magic Egg
Třídy výrobků a služeb: 28, 30
Datum podání přihlášky: 18.10.2016 EU
Stav dokumentu: Podaná - vkládání údajů
Druh: Slovní
Seznam výrobků a služeb:
EN28 Toys; playthings; rattles [playthings]; dolls; dolls' feeding bottles; dolls' beds; dolls' clothes; toy houses; dolls' rooms; kites; balloons; beanbags in the form of playthings; mobiles [toys]; rocking horses; plush toys; toy vehicles; scale model vehicles; radio-controlled toys; toy figures and playsets; flying discs [toys]; soap bubbles [toys]; collectible toys; toy action figures; modelled plastic toy figurines; toy finger rings; spinning toys incorporating string which rewinds and return the toy to the hand when thrown; spin tops; plastic toys; toys incorporating magnets; toy pistols; toy guns; toy cannons; cardboard and plastic caps for toy guns; holders for caps of toy guns and toy cap guns; mechanical action toys; marionettes; puppets; theatrical masks; toy masks; costume masks; toy stamps; bathtub toys; jigsaw puzzles; stuffed toy animals; toy building blocks; dominoes; kaleidoscopes; action skill games; water toys; children's bicycles [other than for transport]; tricycles [playthings]; hand held video games; handheld units for playing electronic games; protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; electronic toys; electric action figures with lights and sounds; toy microphones; games; board games; building games; checkers [games]; draughts; chess games; checkerboards; chessboards; draughtboards; conjuring apparatus; parlor games; ring games; card games; bingo cards; playing cards; equipment for playing card game; trading cards [card games]; game boards for trading card games; roulette wheels; bats for games; marbles for games; slides [playthings]; gymnastic and sporting articles; balls for playing sports; balls for games; toy balls; balance platform balls; beach balls; footballs and handballs; bowling apparatus and machinery; skis; snowboards; sleighs [plaything]; ice skates; roller skates; skateboards; skating boots with skates attached; protective padding for sports and games; sailboards; masts for sailboards; surfboards; swimming pools [play articles]; swimming flippers; swimming boards; waterskis; water wings; swimming jackets; swimming floats; swimming belts; bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; fish hooks; fishing tackle; floats for fishing; tables for table tennis; spring boards [sporting articles]; rackets; darts; dumb-bells; gloves for sports; stationary exercise bicycles; festive decorations and ornaments (non-edible and other than lights); decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees; paper party favours.
30 Confectionery; sweets [candy], fruit drops [confectionery], boiled sweets, lollipops, pastilles [confectionery], wine gum, bubble gum, jelly beans, licorice, marzipan, ice lollies, candy in strips form, candy in liquid form, candy in gel form, candy containing juice, marshmallows, candy in foam form, candy in powder form, fruit jellies (confectionery), non-medicated confectionery in jelly form, ice creams, chocolates, pastry and other products prepared for human consumption and consisting primarily of the aforesaid goods; edible decorations for cakes; chocolate beverages with milk; chocolate-based beverages; cocoa beverages with milk; cocoa products; cocoa-based beverages; confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; confectionery ices; cakes; biscuits; cookies; popcorn; corn flakes; gingerbread; syrup for food; infusions, not medicinal; ketchups; lozenges [confectionery]; tarts; pies; meat pies; pancakes; pastilles [confectionery]; pastries; pizzas; puddings; royal jelly; sugar; pastas; spaghetti; noodles; macaroni; vermicelli; waffles; frozen yoghurts; snack foods consisting principally of confectionery; bread rolls; buns; sandwiches; caramels; chewing gum; corn meal; crackers; golden syrup; oatmeal; tomato sauce; sherbets [ices]; sweetmeats; salad dressings.

Magic EGG, Info about trademak list

This trademark Magic EGG list was get 25.10.2016 14:14 from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

There is 1 trademark of text Magic EGG.

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