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Trademark text IRIS
Registration 1171815
Product Classes 9
Priority date:
Priority application number:
VA 2012 03202
Country of priority
Registration date 06.06.2013
Notification date for EM 22.08.2013
Expiration/renewal date 06.06.2023
Applicant/Holder**** Private data ****
Original country DK
Representative**** Private data ****
Status Platný dokument
Type Slovní
Nice Classification
Lunettes, montures de lunettes, verres de lunettes, étuis à
lunettes et contenants correspondants.

Spectacles, spectacle frames, spectacle lenses, spectacle
cases, and containers therefore.

Gafas, monturas de gafas, cristales de gafas, estuches para
gafas, así como sus estuches.

Transactions [ENN] stav: 66 - Registration
2013/32 Gaz, 29.08.2013
AU - CN - EM - US
regedat: 06.06.2013
regrdat: 06.08.2013
notdate: 22.08.2013

[ISN] stav: 66 - Ex Officio examination completed but opposition or observations by third parties still possible, under Rule 18bis
2013/35 Gaz, 19.09.2013
regedat: 26.08.2013
regrdat: 27.08.2013
notdate: 28.08.2013

[GP18N] stav: 6 - Statement of grant of protection made under Rule 18ter
2014/26 Gaz, 10.07.2014
regedat: 25.06.2014
regrdat: 26.06.2014
notdate: 30.06.2014

IRIS, Info about trademak list

This trademark IRIS list was get from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

There is 308 trademarks of text IRIS, 63 registerred.

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