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Source WIPO-CZ
Trademark text SHARK - ochranná známka
Text part Shark.
Registration 929479
Product Classes 28
Vienna Classes 27.3 ; 27.3.3 ; 29.1 ; 29.1.4
Priority date:
Priority application number:
Country of priority
Registration date 29.03.2007
Datum oznámení pro CZ 09.08.2007
Expiration/renewal date 29.03.2017
Applicant/Holder**** Private data ****
Original country LV
Representative**** Private data ****
Trademark colors ENBlue, light blue, black and white.
Trademark colors FRBleu, bleu clair, noir et blanc.
Trademark colors ESAzul, azul claro, negro y blanco.
Status Platný dokument
Type Kombinovaná
Nice Classification
Attirail de pêche, y compris cannes à pêche, cannes de
pêche à la ligne, cuillers (amorces) en tant qu'appâts pour
pêcher, hameçons pour la pêche, flotteurs pour la pêche.

Fishing tackle including fishing rods, angling rods, spoon
bait being lures for fishing, fish hooks, floats for

Aparejos de pesca incluidos cañas de pescar, cañas de
pescar flexibles, anzuelos de cebo artificial, como cebos
de pesca, anzuelos de pesca, flotadores para la pesca.

Transactions [ENN] stav: 6 - Registration
2007/30 Gaz, 30.08.2007
AT - BG - BX - BY - CH - CN - CY - CZ - DE - ES - FR - HR - HU - IT - PL - PT - RO - RU - SI - SK - UA
DK - EE - FI - GB - GR - IE - IS - LT - NO - SE - US
GB - IE - US
regedat: 29.03.2007
regrdat: 27.07.2007
notdate: 09.08.2007

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This trademark SHARK list was get from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the page: Česká verze and English version

There is 205 trademarks of text SHARK, 41 registerred.

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