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SourceWIPO v řízení
Trademark textC - ochranná známka
Product Classes25, 35, 42, 44
Vienna Classes 5.13 ; 24.9 ; 27.5
Filing date25.01.2014
Priority date:
Priority application number:
Country of priority
Applicant/Holder**** Private data ****
Original countryAU
StatusPodaná - čekání na odpověď
Nice Classification
Clothing and clothing accessories included this class,
including but not limited to shirts, trousers, skirts,
dresses, suits, underwear, coats, dressing gowns,
headbands, neckties, hosiery, socks, jackets, knitwear,
mittens, outerclothing, pyjamas, bathrobes, scarfs, shawls,
swimsuits, belts, jeans; footwear; headgear, including but
not limited to berets, caps, hats, bandanas.

Advertising; advertising by mail order; advertising
services provided over the internet; advertising services
provided by a database; arranging exhibitions for
advertising purposes; online advertising on a computer
network; promotional marketing; promotional services;
retail services; retailing of goods; retail and wholesale
services concerning department stores and retail stores in
respect of consumer goods and equipments; retailing via
global computer networks; mail and telephone order
services; marketing services included in this class.

Clothing and fashion design; clothing design services;
commercial and graphic art designing; commercial design
services; design of brand names; design of clothing; design
of jewellery; design of shops; design of shop fit outs;
graphic art design.

Barber services; hair care services; hair colouring
services; hair cutting services; hairdressing salon
services; hair styling; personal hair removal services;
shampooing of the hair; shaving and grooming services.

Basic application:, 25.01.2014, 1602659
Transactions[PENN] - Pending International Registration
EM - GB - NZ - US

C, Info about trademak list

This trademark C list was get from Czech Industrial Property Office. You can find the original of the mark list at the www.upv.cz page: Česká verze and English version

There is 559 trademarks of text C, 319 registerred.

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